Cycling’s Next
Revolution Begins.

The LoreOne is the most powerful custom road shoe ever created
— and the critical missing component in the performance equation.

“The Lore project is three massive steps forward from any other shoe on the market. Prepare to have your head explode and for your feet to feel true power transfer for the first time ever.

The technology used in the design and manufacturing is light years ahead of everything else. The way the athlete interacts with the shoe is groundbreaking, and the foothold is unparalleled.

The Lore shoe will change the way you interact with your bike, forever.”

Colby Pearce: Olympian, world record holder, elite bike fitter/coach, and host of Fast Talk Labs, Cycling in Alignment.

Limited to 277 pairs

Shoes are built on a first order received basis.

For Your Feet Only.

Scan with an iPhone for 3D printed perfection.

Biomechanically intelligent design allows for superior power transmission combined with natural in-shoe movement to create a deeper overall connection to the bicycle.

The Performance Weapon.

Unleash a new power paradigm for body and bike.

The LoreOne is more than a shoe. It's a futuristic creation that optimizes a rider’s watt output and pedaling efficiency. Optimized natural foot biomechanics and a revolutionary 3D printed custom carbon monocoque shell deliver race-winning power.

Sci-fi Brought to Life.

Robotic automation creates the impossible.

The LoreOne employs breakthrough continuous carbon fiber manufacturing via the Morphic® Scan+Print platform. Morphic® enables precision fit and biomechanical performance that was previously inconceivable in traditional footwear and composite processes.

Limited to 277 Founder’s Edition Pairs.

Meteoric performance gains await for 277 cyclists in 2021. The limited edition Founder’s Kit includes LoreOne shoes and a curated selection of LORE technical accessories and brand wear. A 30-day money-back guarantees cycling’s next revolution.

Secure your position in the build lineup today.


LORE is about the pursuit of the perfect pedal stroke. We build tools designed to blur the line between spirit, body, and bicycle. Pedal stroke transcendence inspires sustainability and community, with a shared passion for raw speed.