LoreOne Founder's Edition

LoreOne Custom Shoes + Founder’s Edition Kit
Custom scanned and 3D printed for your feet.
Limited to 277 Founder's Edition Pairs.
$1,900 USD

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 Days of Order Receipt.

Free Shipping

Free Worldwide Shipping.


Founder’s Edition shoes will begin shipping in Spring 2022. Orders are built and will ship sequentially on a first order received basis.

Limited to 277 pairs

Shoes are built on a first order received basis.

Questions? We've Got You.

Scan Process

  1. Download the Morphic®App on iPhoneX or newer.
  2. Have a friend scan your feet using the Morphic®App + iPhone.
  3. Your scan enters the Morphic® build process.
  4. Build and shipping milestones are updated in the Morphic®App and via email.
  5. Sit back and wait for your Lore Founder’s Package to arrive.

What’s in the box?

LoreOne Founder’s Edition Shoes

The limited edition Founder’s Kit has been curated for the first 277 cyclists who purchase the groundbreaking LoreOne.

Founder’s Edition AeroCovers

Founder’s AeroCover wraps CarbonAirFrame (CAF) for weatherproofing and aero gains. Three covers included: Founder’s Aero Cali Knit, Aero Textile (white), and Foul Weather Cover (black).

Founder’s Edition Pennant

Inspired by cycling’s storied history where big moments were often memorialized on walls, our collectible pennant bridges past with future.

Founder’s Edition Travel Bag + Gift Pack

Curated items from our apparel and gear line that we think you’ll love. To be worn on the street and on the road.


What is the warranty/return policy?

We offer a full 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee that commences upon the day of delivery. Shoes also come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

When will my product ship?

Orders will be manufactured and shipped in the order in which they are received. We will keep you apprised of updates to the production schedule. First orders are projected to begin shipping in spring 2022. Timeline is subject to change.

What countries can you ship to?

We can ship to any of the 168 countries serviced by FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

Will I have to pay extra customs charges?

For addresses outside of the US, all required taxes, VAT, import or excise duties are the sole responsibility of the recipient in their specific country.

Can I purchase shoes for multiple people?

Yes. Just add the desired number of shoes to your cart and checkout. When we are ready to receive your scans there will be an option to save multiple scans.

If I order multiple shoes will they all ship at the same time?


Is it possible to expedite my order?

Not at the moment. The best way to ensure the earliest delivery is to get your order in early. Shoes will be built sequentially on a first-to-order basis.

Who do I contact for questions about my order?

For questions not answered here, please email: [email protected]

What is ‘continuous carbon fiber’ and why is it important?

3D printing with ‘chopped’ carbon fiber has been in vogue recently, and these little chunks of carbon can provide improved part performance versus unreinforced polymer parts. In contrast, the LoreOne is groundbreaking because it combines a complex organic form factor with truly unbroken, continuous carbon fiber reinforcement. The carbon fiber that reinforces the shoe is composed of unbroken strands to achieve the ultimate blend of high performance composite stiffness, lightweight–– while still allowing for total customization. The impact is huge and has never been done before in any product–– the result is revolutionary part performance.

How much does the LoreOne weigh?

The LoreOne’s weight is comparable to other high-end road shoes, but the power transfer is superior due to the CAF and customization. Weight of an individual shoe is ultimately dependent on the length, width, and volume of the user’s foot. A single shoe is equivalent to a conventional size 43/US 10 and should weigh approximately 270 to 300 grams.

You are making some big claims around performance. How does the LoreOne produce more power and efficiency when pedaling?

The patent-pending CAF design features structurally interlocked dorsal and plantar shells that efficiently capture lateral and rotational forces produced by the foot through normal biomechanical movement. The structural relationship between these two parts provides the most direct energy transfer possible and is a first for any type of footwear, and is only enabled by true customization. Traditional shoes with soft uppers fail to effectively capture dorsal inputs; energy is bled off before it can be translated to the pedal. Superior power transfer has been obvious to testers and early pro users. We are planning an independent third party laboratory study to validate performance claims.

Can I specify a custom cleat position?

We don’t offer custom cleat positioning at this time, but a precise cleat position is generated based on your unique individual foot anatomy, ensuring better performance and accuracy compared to generic shoes.

Where are the cleat holes positioned?

The digital fit algorithm calculates a location that splits your first and fifth metatarsal bones longitudinally. This final cleat coordinate is mated with a lateral position that accounts for the geometry of your heel relative to your toes and the need for medial crank clearance.

Look/Shimano/Speedplay compatibility?

The LoreOne comes standard with a 3-bolt hole pattern, but can be ordered with a native Speedplay 4-hole pattern (no need for a typical adapter plate). When we contact you to scan your feet, we will ask for your preferred hole pattern.

Will the production shoe be exactly like the ones pictured here?

There will be additional iterations to the visual appearance of the shoe as we progress toward production. These changes can include alterations to buckle/retention systems, carbon strut and strap appearances. We will contact you with final visuals before we build your shoe to confirm that you would like to proceed.

Does the LoreOne make for a good shoe for triathlons?

Yes. The LoreOne is perfectly suited for road use in triathlon training and competitions.

Can I use the LoreOne on gravel or off road?

The LoreOne is a road and track specific shoe.

Will you make a gravel or MTB shoe?

We expect Lore shoes to grace podiums in all disciplines over the coming years.

What if the fit isn’t perfect?

For the first 30 days after receipt of the shoe, we offer a perfect-fit guarantee. We can either rebuild your shoe or offer a refund. Contact [email protected] to discuss any fit issues upon receipt of your shoes.

Can I customize fit to accommodate exceptional foot characteristics such as bone spurs or bunions?

The scanning procedure and Morphic App will capture the shape of your foot to under a millimeter of accuracy. The design will accommodate and relieve prominent bony features, but If you have specific anatomical areas of concern, please contact [email protected] before scanning.

If I don’t have the LoreOne, will I really be left behind?


Do you offer custom graphics?

Not at the moment.

What is involved with the scanning process?

Scanning your feet will require approximately 20-30 minutes. You will need a friend/helper to scan your feet, an iPhone X (or newer), a handful of common household items, and something that can function as an elevated stable-based pedestal to stand on (coffee table, backless chair, etc).

What hardware is required for scanning?

The Morphic App + iPhone X or newer.

I don’t have the required phone hardware, what are my options?

The best option is to find a friend with a compatible iPhone and have them download the Morphic App.

When will you be contacting me to scan my foot?

An invite to use the Morphic App and instructions will arrive approximately 6 weeks before your scheduled build date.

Can I have multiple scans in one account?

Yes, the Morphic App will have an option to store multiple unique scans, including those from multiple individuals (e.g a family member or friend).

Can I go to a retail store or bike fitter to purchase the LoreOne or scan my feet?

The Founder’s Edition LoreOne is only available through the LORE website, but expansion to bike fitters and cycling stores is planned for 2022.

I am a store/bike fitter, do you offer a wholesale program?

We are working on a program for retail store partners. To learn more, contact [email protected]