Forging a New Era in Sustainability.

The reinvention of the shoe begets a transformation in production model, supply chain, and materials to eliminate superfluous ecological footprints.

Connected to Terra Firma.

The impacts of business and manufacturing are inextricably linked to the global ecosystem. LORE honors this role and seeks to improve not only the way you connect to your bike, but to the planet.

Create Only What You Need.

The traditional production model is excessive, archaic, and environmentally destructive. Morphic technology is a new model based solely on necessity. When it’s time for new shoes, they are made for you. No excessive product creation, stocking, or shipping.

Built to last and then again; ushering in the circular economy.

Made in the USA with 100% renewable energy, a carbon composite shoe presents the pinnacle of material quality and durability. Ride hard over the years, and if you retire your LoreOne shoes, we will recycle them.

Progress Over Perfection

The path of sustainability is full of switchbacks, but we are committed to pushing tangible progress and sharing the roadmap as we go. We’ll reveal new, impactful updates, as they emerge.