The Quest for Perfection

LORE is about the pursuit of the perfect pedal stroke. We build tools designed to blur the line between spirit, body, and bicycle. Pedal stroke transcendence inspires sustainability, community with a shared passion, the pursuit of perfection, and the hunt for raw speed. 

Sustainability via Bold Innovation.

LORE forges a new manufacturing and business model that is sustainably forward. Ecological consideration throughout, this is performance cycling footwear with a dramatically reduced impact.

Fostering a Diverse Global Community.

From South Africa to Switzerland — and everywhere in between — LORE celebrates cyclists from all backgrounds with shoes made precisely for each rider. We are unified by a passion for cycling long and fast.

Powered by Morphic.

The LoreOne is made possible by breakthrough manufacturing technology; the Morphic®, Scan+Print Carbon platform. Morphic® enables precision fit and biomechanical performance that were previously inconceivable using traditional footwear and composite processes.


Driven by Change Leaders.

We are creative thinkers, obsessed with creating next-level, disruptive tools that transform the pleasure and performance paradigm. We have led design and engineering at brands like Apple, Tesla, Puma, DPS Skis, Nike, and Black Diamond.