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Custom scanned and 3D printed for your feet.


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The World's Fastest Shoe

The LoreOne is the world’s most powerful road cycling shoe. More than a shoe, it’s a critical performance component that increases pedal drive, wattage and metabolic efficiency.

Each pair of LoreOnes is built to order and fully customized for the rider. The shoe features numerous patent-pending design and manufacturing advancements to facilitate natural biomechanical function and comfort.


Technical Specifications


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber


EVA insole with soft antimicrobial microfibre top layer


A single shoe equivalent in width to a conventional size 43/US 10 should weigh approximately 315 grams.



The first continuous carbon reinforced, 3D printed monocoque exoskeleton ever made–– in any application.

Structurally interlocked dorsal and plantar shells capture and transfer natural biomechanical forces. 

Continuous Carbon Fiber Robotically Printed Struts.  Custom placed continuous carbon for high performance stiffness and structural strength. 

2mm PU textured footbed for proprioceptive nervous system stimulation.

Quick entry and exit, and in-ride adjustment

Thermomoldable pads in the dorsal and calcaneus regions match your exact foot anatomy. Comfort, fit and power transfer unlike anything ever built prior.

Strategically placed within the CAF’s structural channels, cables facilitate perfect foot retention and connection to the exoskeleton. 

Fully adjustable power strap provides additional connection and power transfer between the calcaneus and the CAF. 

Cleat hole positioning is determined by your unique metatarsal anatomy. You choose the pattern preference to suit your pedals: Look/Shimano or native Speedplay.

Travel Bag

Travel Bag

Protect your shoes in style. A LoreOne travel bag is included with your shoe purchase. 


370mm length x 245mm width x 140mm high


Shiny eco ripstop fabric

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 Days of Shoe Receipt.

Free Shipping

Free Worldwide Shipping. 


Orders are built and will ship sequentially on a first order received basis. Current lead times are approximately 12 weeks after receiving your scans. Emissions from your shipment are offset by CarbonFund.

Questions? We've Got You.

Scanning Process

  1. Download the app on your iPhone 10, 11, or 12.* 
  2. The process requires one helper and 30-40 minutes for a first time scanner. The use of an optional iPhone mirror (available at checkout) can reduce scan times for beginners.
  3. Upload your scans.
  4. Sit back and wait for your LoreOnes to be built and shipped.

If you don't have or can't borrow an iPhone 10, 11, or 12, email us to rent one.


The LoreOne was our first shoe. It was an expedition to the outer universe of cycling performance via a full carbon airframe. The LoreTwo is a shoe that bridges the gap between the extremity of the LoreOne and the sport’s more traditional cues. We designed the LoreTwo to be much more forgiving in its fit and post purchase setup while still retaining the core custom and performance design structure that amplifies pedaling performance over traditional shoes.

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3D printing with ‘chopped’ carbon fiber has been in vogue recently, and these little chunks of carbon can provide improved part performance versus unreinforced polymer parts. In contrast, the LoreOne is groundbreaking because it combines a complex organic form factor with truly unbroken, continuous carbon fiber reinforcement. The carbon fiber is composed of unbroken strands to achieve the shangri-la of high performance composites; stiff, lightweight, and totally custom. The impact is huge and has never been done before in any product–– the result is revolutionary part performance.

The patent-pending CAF design features structurally interlocked dorsal and plantar shells that efficiently capture lateral and rotational forces produced by the foot through normal biomechanical movement. The structural relationship between these two parts provides the most direct energy transfer possible and is a first for any type of footwear, and is only enabled by true customization. Traditional shoes with soft uppers fail to effectively capture dorsal inputs; energy is bled off before it can be translated to the pedal. Superior power transfer has been obvious to testers and early pro users.

The LoreOne’s weight is comparable to other high-end road shoes, but the power transfer is superior due to the CAF. Weight of an individual shoe is ultimately dependent on the length, width, and volume of the user’s foot. A single shoe equivalent in width to a conventional size 43/US 10 should weigh approximately 315 grams.

The digital fit algorithm calculates a location that splits your first and fifth metatarsal bones longitudinally. This final cleat coordinate is mated with a lateral position that accounts for the geometry of your heel relative to your toes and the need for medial crank clearance.

The LoreOne’s carbon reinforcement is made without using molds in order to enable the elasticity of full custom production methods. Practically all consumer products in the world are made using molds that achieve superior surface finish quality, but are inherently constrained in terms of lack of customization. Carbon Customization is a science fiction dream realized, but it comes at the expense of surface finish quality.

The LoreOne is designed to be used without additional orthotics or footbeds. The sole of the LoreOne’s CAF is designed based on your unique anatomy and perfectly cups the perimeter of individual feet to provide unmatched lateral cupping and force transfer. Moreover the Dorsal Orthotic system provides ankle stabilization and corrective support that doesn’t exist in conventional footwear––effectively negating the need for under foot arch stabilization.

We expect Lore shoes to grace podiums in all disciplines over the coming years.


Yes, we are excited to work with the finest bike fitters and retailers across the globe. To learn more about our retail program, contact