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Power Test: Alex Yokubison

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The Athlete:

Alex Yokubison is a 23 year old amateur racer based in Salt Lake City. He races criterions, and road at a Cat 3 level. He is a former Division 1 swimmer at Boston University.

Peak Watts:

Alex’s Peak average peak watts increased 14.9% over his conventional pair of Giros.


The ability to produce power quickly is a key component in cycling: sprints, attacks, chasing breakways, starting from a stop light. Alex’s peak 10 second power jumped an incredible average of 17.7%–– highlighting the LoreOne’s ability to transmit power over a much broader range of the pedal stroke than conventional shoes.

15-60 Second power:

The LoreOne delivered Alex an average 7.9% increase in overall watts over the course of all the intervals. Isolating 15-60 seconds there was a gain of 7.15% – Alex could roughly expect to see similar improvements in full 1 hour FTP tests – a game changing performance figure.

One-on-each foot, Conventional vs LoreOne:

With the LoreOne on the Right foot and his Giro’s on the Left, Alex’s LoreOne pedal stroke gained a dramatic 25 degrees of powerband over his conventional shoe.

He experienced earlier initiation at the top of the stroke.

Alex also had a deeper, longer, pull at the bottom.

LoreOne Power Results Summary:

  • 14.9% increase in peak watts
  • 17.7% increase in 10s watts (acceleration)
  • 7.9% increase in 60 sec average watts
  • 25 degree increase in powerband arc length

The Power Protocol is a simple test that offers a plethora of fascinating insights into the LoreOne’s superior pedaling efficiency. To view the full methodology, please read here.

Learn more about the LoreOne's radical biomechanical delivery here, and build yours today. 

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